This topic is all about why girls are such a groovy part of the world. At Girls' Brigade Scotland we believe that being a girl is one of the grooviest things you could possibly be. We bring fun, laughter, love and faith everywhere we go. Through games, songs, stories, crafts and adventures we learn about ourselves and the world we live in. We also introduce you to our unique world of Girls Brigade. Girls' Brigade is an organisation where for over 100 years girls have joined to celebrate all the girls growing in Scotland. We do this along with our fellowship of GB companies around the world.

You will repeat or build on these activities each week to give girls a chance to learn them. This also means that you always have a mixture of activities that are physical or need a bit of listening, chatting or creativity. On average you will have about 10 minutes for each activity, before moving on to something else.

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Being groovy banner


This topic is all about the groovy things we can do for others to make the world a better place, which helps us fill ourselves with joy.


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Feeling groovy


This session is all about feeling good and groovy. We sing about being free as a bee to love Jesus and be loved by him. We explore through craft ways that the GBS badge represents this.

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This Groovy Bee topic is all about moving in a groovy way. In the introduction, announce to girls that we're going to do lots of different movement. Girls' Brigade always finds fun ways to keep moving. It keeps our bodies, brains and spirit all working as they should and most of all it makes us laugh and smile and gives us the best buzz ever. You can keep using these activities as part of all four Groovy Bee sessions.

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